Name: Zeacraft Season Pass
Price: 5.00 GBP

Zeacraft Season Pass £5/Month

Welcome to the Zeacraft Season pass.

This pass will give you in-game rewards each month and early access to our upcoming Skyblock server!

Ingame rewards. 

Unlock all the pets! Blaze's, Creepers, bats, and over 25+ more pets you can have in the game. These are cosmetic. 

Early access! Oh no servers gone down for maintenance while we update? But luckily you got the battle pass so you can still join.

 MVP Rank this rank can only be acquired by purchasing the season pass.

4, To the skies and back! Fed up with walking around the open world? How about you go into the sky for our new skyblock server! You will have access to /Skyblock

You will have access to some private channels on discord too! For example skyblock development, Server updates, and more. 

More rewards are on the way! The rewards will be added automatically and announced inside our discord. To access the discord type /discord in the game. 

THIS PACKAGE REVENUES EVERY 30 DAYS. You may cancel at any time.